Wednesday, January 31, 2007

studio things.....

Things I am working on in the studio. Time is so rare that I get there, that I am not sure what everything is at the moment. It will come together.. in time...
trying encaustics for the first time. difficult challenge.

naptime 01

Maxwell and Liam, my two kids whithout whom this project would be moot.

My good friend Jill inspired me yesterday with her Blog, and her 2 x 2 painting a day project.
It was just the thing to get me to change my outlook on naptime. I started naptime studios, a place where mom's or dad's can post their work that they create when the kids are asleep. It is only an idea right now- first I need to start making naptime art.

Naptime. precious. Few moments alone, all is quiet. Two kids finally asleep.

Okay, one still asleep , the other awake!!