Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Paintings!

Here are a few of my latest pieces I have been finishing up in the studio. The jars have returned in full force, but in different formats and forms..
1. 30" x 30" 2. 24" x 24" 3. 24" x 24" 4. Four 24" canvases to make 48" x 48"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And now for something COMPLETELY different!

Okay.. I know, what the heck is going on here? I really don't know .. I just wanted to paint with paint.. not wax today. and make big bold marks.. Of course, you and I both know it won't stay this way, but is fun to pretend that this is my painting style... Actually it would be really hard for me to make things like this and let it go out into the world like this. I have to cover everything over and write on my paintings and layer the heck out of them. But that is me. SO here is just a slice of a "free" morning in the studio!

Friday, February 15, 2008

New encaustic paintings...

I finally dug in my heels and pulled out all of the encaustic supplies I purchased last year. I did one painting about a year ago, it went well, and gave me new appreciation for encaustic painters.
My first attempt was small and basic, but I liked it and good friends of mine liked it so well it now hangs in their home! I love that! Here it is.. "Memory Chest" 12 " x 12" on birch panel.

So that was the first "true" encaustic I have done.. I use beeswax all the time in my work but always alone, and more as a texture and resist method and also a tool to use for my text. So it was very different to be using pigmented wax and a blow torch!
Recently I pulled it out again and have been finding that it really works well with my new studio schedule, as I can feel as if I am accomplishing something "bigger" in a small time period. Here are "Preservation Places" (first image) , and "How to Tie a......" (second image). Both are 12' x 12" on birch panel, and they are for sale in my etsy shop... ( link to right).

I love the surface of encaustics. the wax hardens to such a smooth and seductive finish.
I really want to work more in this medium, so I signed up to attend the second annual
Monserrat Encaustic Conference this June in Boston. I am really excited to go and learn as much as I can...This year at the annual Plaza Art Fair, here in Kansas City, we made the purchase of a wonderful painting (click on #5 Treasured Sightings) by Cheryl Toh.
It is a gorgeous encaustic work tha hangs proudly in our house! So the year really has lead to encaustics.. wierd how that happens sometimes artistically..

Well, on another note, I was selected to be a particpant this year in the Creative Capital Workshop, that is being held here in Kansas City. It is the second year of a three year grant for this program to be offered to KC artists and I am so thrilled to have been selected this year. I know some of the artists that participated lst year and their praise of the workshop was high. te workshop focuses on marketing yourself and your artwork to the art community, grant writing , etc. I will be sure to fill you in after the retreat weekend in March!

Well, that is all for now.. off to put the wee one's to bed..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cola Aprons!

Was looking through an antique mall last weekend this was among my many cool finds. It is a cola apron pattern... who would have thought?! It was tucked into a package of iron-on transfers from the 40's that were used as pattterns for embroidery on such items as teach towels and napkins and other household things. (I will add some images of them next)
Anyway, this little ad was too funny....

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's a miracle!.. I finished a painting!

'Tie a String" 36" x 36' , Acrylic, beeswax, ink, and graphite on canvas.

This piece I have been working and not working on since last winter. I sold it's pair right away, and since then, as it stood alone in my studio, it became something completely different. A little darker, but more relevant. It always takes me a few weeks and/or months to decide how I feel about a piece, so I need to let this one soak in. It is way too new. Just finished it this morning when I had two glorious morinng hours in the studio, during a wonderful snowfall. reminded me of Michigan in graduate school, looking out my studio windows during those two long winters there. Maybe it was the snow that nudged me along to finish the piece! So thank you winter snowfall!

New Studio up and running.....

Well here are some pictures of the studio I moved in to in June, yes.. LAST June!
But I am settled and working ... when I have some spare time.. and I am actually holding bi-weekly meeting of Naptime Studios.. A group of about 4-6 women bring their artwork and we meet in my studio and make work and have great conversation! The non book - book club for artists!
I have been inspired by as of late, and found some amazing things. One inparticular is Lisa Hurwitz, a great artist, and mother of two young boys.. She has really inspired me.. Please check her out at or her blog at
Her work is wonderful!

I was so inspired to start making work again, even if on a small scale... I opened my own shop on etsy.. check it out at

I will actually post some links soon...
Well am going to go prep some more photos for uploading. I have lots of new work to share.. I had lots of time to catch up with since it was actually April of last year since my last post with actual work on it!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Evening work

My evening "work" for weeks has been that on the computer... We decided to get an Au Pair, and so I have been pouring through applications and emailing and calling women from all over the world. The process is time consuming, and very fun and exciting, but I can only do it at night, when I have undivided attention to give to this task.

We chose a young woman with whom we really liked and felt would make a great contribution to our lives here, and extended an offer to her and she accepted to be with our family! She is a lovely girl from Thailand and she arrives in late June.
I am sure we will create a page just for her so she can document her time with our family and Maxwell and Liam.

We look forward to her arrival.
With that done... Let the artwork begin... naptime studios LIVE ON!!