Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday: Teaching Day

Today I teach my two painting classes, so I don't have time to "make" but I do have time to think.
So today I am thinking about making art.
Sometimes these are the worst days, and sometimes they are the best.

Monday: Studio Day

Today I was able to get to the studio to work for a couple of hours.
So nothing was created at home.
Nice breakthrough on new work at the studio happened.
Now if I could only get there more than two hous a week.
Will try for more.
More brainstorming was done on my pet project "Naptime Studios".
Recruiting "Moms" to participate. So far I have enlisted 4 others besides myself, and will invite 7 more to join.
Am putting finishing touches on rules and materials and am in the process of gathering all the materials needed for each "Naptime Kit".
Someone suggested pushing the idea further to be thinking up a place to showcase this project and the finished pieces, and be thinking of display-
Will consider this idea- it would be great to see all the pieces put together to form one larger "unified" piece.
Now ... for a location.... hmm....