Friday, January 18, 2008

New Studio up and running.....

Well here are some pictures of the studio I moved in to in June, yes.. LAST June!
But I am settled and working ... when I have some spare time.. and I am actually holding bi-weekly meeting of Naptime Studios.. A group of about 4-6 women bring their artwork and we meet in my studio and make work and have great conversation! The non book - book club for artists!
I have been inspired by as of late, and found some amazing things. One inparticular is Lisa Hurwitz, a great artist, and mother of two young boys.. She has really inspired me.. Please check her out at or her blog at
Her work is wonderful!

I was so inspired to start making work again, even if on a small scale... I opened my own shop on etsy.. check it out at

I will actually post some links soon...
Well am going to go prep some more photos for uploading. I have lots of new work to share.. I had lots of time to catch up with since it was actually April of last year since my last post with actual work on it!!

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